Visiting Detroit

by Melodious Monk & J Dilla

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What Inspired Me to Do This?

When I reminisce on James Dilla “Detroit” Yancey, I dwell on Detroit. Dilla embodies Detroit. Though I’ve never physically visited the feeling I received when I first heard “Welcome 2 Detroit” on February 27th 2001 took me on a trip.

Music I believe should take you somewhere, and Dilla had the ability to do just that. J Dilla is “Detroit”! In 2012 as a musician and lyricist I want to visit the world but not physically and take my family with me, music I believe is beyond the physical plane so I decided to start the year off visiting the home of one of the greatest producer’s that ever touched a MPC and that’s none other than Jay Dee.

With the love I had for his first solo effort I wondered what it would be like if I visited Detroit and J Dilla had the chance to show me around, so instead of just lyrically expressing my feelings over Dilla tracks I wanted to feel like we were in the studio together and I needed to get direction from Dilla’s lyrics on what I should reflect on.

I choose only to do five of the original 14 tracks on "Welcome 2 Detroit" because I had no intent to recreate Dilla’s album but give a sample of how great the original album is, I hope that this project motives listeners to visit Dilla’s first solo album if they haven’t before, or even revisit it again.

I would like to dedicate this project to the Yancey family, and to the legend “James Jay Dee Yancey” born February 7th 1974. I hope that this project can be seen as a fan paying respect to the family, and friends of JDilla.

With sincere and honest love,

Melodious Monk


released February 7, 2012

Produced entirely by: J Dilla, taken from "Welcome 2 Detroit"



all rights reserved


Melodious Monk Brooklyn, New York

Melodious Monk was killed by the government on February 2014. Since then his music has revealed some of the most valuable information that was hidden for years by the government that executed him. Be careful if you download his music the world wide web is monitored, listen for hidden truth, do not go to his old website the government also hijacked it with things that he didn't create. *SERIOUSLY ... more

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